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Negligence probe underway after China jailbreak

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-09-07 14:48

HARBIN - A team of prosecutors are investigating possible misconduct after three inmates escaped a detention center and allegedly killed a guard in northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang.

With a far-reaching manhunt underway, one of the trio, who managed to escape the detention in Yanshou County on Sept 2, is still at large.

"The team has reached Yanshou and will investigate the possible dereliction of duty behind the jailbreak," an official with the Heilongjiang provincial procuratorate told Xinhua Sunday.

Police in Heilongjiang captured two of the runaways two days after the jailbreak, which has gained attention nationwide.

The inmate still on the run was named as Gao Yulun, 50, and had been sentenced to death for intentional homicide.

Negligence probe underway after China jailbreak Negligence probe underway after China jailbreak

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