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Beijing seeks foreign tricycle drivers

( Updated: 2014-07-01 16:11

Foreigners and women are encouraged to become professional tricycle drivers to entertain tourists in Shichahai in Beijing, a popular tourist destination in the capital famous for hutong tours on tricycles, the Beijing Times reported Monday.

The recruitment advertisement came from the well-known tricycle team called Houhai Baye in the Shichahai area.

Houhai Baye, consisting of a dozen native Beijing locals, stands out among 300 tricycle drivers in the region because all its drivers are clad in the same traditional attire and offer the most authentic narration of local culture.

The recruitment started about two months ago and originally aimed to hire young college graduates to elevate the educational level of the team and replace older members.

“Most members of Houhai Baye are in their 50s. Therefore, we need young people who are physically fit and speak English well,” said Ling Min, leader of the tricycle team. The area is frequently visited by foreign tourists.

Over the last two months, the team interviewed 30 candidates, but none were qualified. Therefore, the team has adjusted its plan to loosen restrictions on nationality, household registration and gender, according to Ling.

Ling Min explained that a foreign employee could help promote tricycle culture to the rest of the world.

If hired, the new member of the team will get 5,000 yuan ($805.93) a month plus bonuses, social insurance, board and lodging.

Those who are interested can send resumes to

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