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Trending news across China on Sept 29

Updated: 2013-09-29 11:36

Roller coaster hiccup

Trending news across China on Sept 29

Tourists had to walk 60 meters down from a roller coaster after being suspended in the air on Saturday due to a glitch which stopped the spiraling ride at Happy Valley, an amusement park in Shanghai, turning a fun-filled ride into a frightening one. All 28 trapped passengers were safely evacuated, according to park officials. The roller coaster has been temporarily shut down for further inspections in preparation for the heavy tourist flow which is expected during the upcoming seven-day National Day holidays. (

Love miracle

Trending news across China on Sept 29
They say love can move mountains, but in reality love moved an invalid. Jiang Yuanyi has helped his wife Liao Chongqiong, who became paralyzed and mute from an accident four years ago, to walk and talk as a result of his incessant talking to her, while helping her eat and dressing her. Liao began mumbling words last December and began to take small steps in August. Liao's progress has been seen as a kind of miracle which has touched their neighborhood in Dianjiang county, Chongqing municipality, according to Chongqing Business Daily.

Name sharing couple

Trending news across China on Sept 29

A couple who have been married for 21 years share the same name, Chen Bin, which has given their life a mix of fun and embarrassing moments. Mr. and Mrs. Chen were high school classmates, which then began a period of name-inspired mistakes. On a recent trip, a hotel receptionist was surprised after they showed their identification cards upon check-in, causing some funny confusing at the hotel. (

LEGO-like building

Trending news across China on Sept 29

Guangzhou has made headlines once again for another one of its bizarre-looking buildings. The new building currently under construction looks like a toy LEGO creation, according to residents in the capital city of Guangdong province, who were amazed with a copper-coin shaped building that was recently unveiled. (

Multiple-city traffic pass

Shanghai and Tianjin, two municipalities will join another 33 cities for a city traffic pass union in October, which will enable travelers to use and refill their traffic cards in the participating cities. Previously, the cards were only accepted in the city where they were issued. The policy mainly covers the Yangtze Delta city cluster, Central and Northeast China. Voices also emerged about when Beijing would be able to join the group, Beijing news reported.

Sister Furong controversy

Trending news across China on Sept 29

It turns out that Sister Furong, or Sister Lotus, an online celebrity, was able to cause a stir, even if it was in the form of metal. A statue depicting her iconic pose which ignited her online fame for her misplaced confidence was erected at Wusa Square in Shanghai among a cluster of statues meant to promote Hainan Island. One commentary posted on opposed the hype and called for organizers to go back to the essence of art. (

Tourist misbehavior hurts

A Chinese tourist was severely injured after falling from Delicate Arch, a landmark at the Arches National Park in Utah, in the US. The 27-year-old Beijing man fell from the freestanding 20-meter red sandstone formation on Tuesday and was rushed to a hospital, said the park's spokesman Paul Henderson. Specifics about how he wound up in the hospital remain unknown. Climbing the arch is forbidden at the park. (

Fatal contractions

Last year a pregnant woman died after a romantic tryst turned fatal at a hotel room in Guangxi province. The incident happened on October 11, 2012 after the woman, surnamed Wei who was 8 months pregnant and a mother of two, had sex with a man surnamed Yang at a hotel in Hechi city. A local court ruled in favor of Wei's family who had filed a lawsuit demanding that Yang pay 48,258 yuan in compensation. A forensic investigation showed clear signs that Wei had a fatal reaction from her pregnancy before she died. (