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Military official urges guidance of online views

Updated: 2013-09-17 15:27
( Xinhua)

BEIJING - Central Military Commission (CMC) Vice-Chairman Xu Qiliang has asked the Chinese military to better guide opinions online, saying the Internet is "a new battlefield" for ideological struggle.

"(The military) should take initiative in seizing the new battlefield for ideological struggle - that is, the Internet," said Xu when addressing a meeting on Monday.

He called for enhanced efforts on ideological education and leading online public opinion so as to "build a strong line of defense" against infiltration and sabotage from hostile forces.

Xu urged the soldiers to hold firm their beliefs and maintain good work styles amid a "complex situation in the ideologcial field."

Xu also stressed the importance of team building at the grass-roots level.

To realize the goal of building a strong force, it is fundamental to improve the fighting capacity at the grass-roots level, Xu said, adding that real combat criteria should be adopted in military training.

He asked the armed forces to focus on military training and tilt financial and material resources in favor of ensuring combat preparedness at the grass-roots level.