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Buying Chinese goods online booming in Vietnam

Updated: 2013-08-31 14:37
( Xinhua)

HANOI - Like anywhere else in the world, the use of the Internet and e-commerce has flourished in Vietnam, especially in the capital Hanoi.

In fact, for the past few years, the Vietnamese people have been purchasing goods online, including products from abroad.

With rapid development of commodity production with various designs and the growth of online websites, more and more Vietnamese people choose to buy Chinese commodities online.

Duong Thu Hien, 27, has been in purchasing Chinese goods online for the past seven years. She often receives orders from Vietnamese people for Chinese goods and then she orders for them on Chinese online sales sites.

China's Taobao, Alibaba and Paipai are among the most browsed websites for Hien in her line of business.

Hien's customers range from individuals to shop-owners in Vietnam. They will search for products on these Chinese websites, copy a hyperlink of the products they need and send to Hien for her to make the orders.

Fashion items including clothes, shoes, bags, eyeglasses and cosmetics, are among the most ordered products from China, said Hien.

After making the orders on Chinese sites, Hien will contact her partners in China to do the payment. Most of her contacts in China are Vietnamese students or people who can speak Chinese.

Payments can be made by cash or through bank accounts, Hien said.

After receiving order from the suppliers, the contacts in China will send goods to China's Guangzhou and from there, the goods will be shipped to Vietnam.

Customers must deposit from 70 percent or even 100 percent of the value of their orders, Hien said, adding that they can get the goods that they ordered after seven to 10 days.

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