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Forex trading demo contest attracts students to join in multinational business

Updated: 2013-08-05 17:10
By Huang Shuo (

The First National College Forex Trading Demo Contest was officially launched on June 17, 2013 and the awards ceremony will be held in Beijing on Nov 2.

The contest is organized by Forex Signs Inc. Beijing Representative Office with Renmin University of China Securities Investment Association, AIESEC Renmin University of China branch as co-organizer. The vision is to "cultivate international forex talent, and to launch China's public welfare".

FSI's call for popular participation, via new and traditional media allows young college students to take on internships in the multinational business and promotes cultural exchange.

Accoring to Forex Signs, Inc. (FSI) officials: "China's forex reserves increased significantly, but the present investment channels available to domestic institutions and individual are still relatively narrow.

It is difficult to assess the international financial markets and optimize asset allocation, diversify investment risks, improve capital gains, and know how to enhance the value and functions of forex reserves.

The expansion of forex reserve investment channels has become an important matter, and FSI strive to provide the best trading experience, customer service and financial security - consistent with the customer's position and interests".

As FSI founder and president, Mr Edward Chung said "Throughout the history of development of Wall Street stock brokerage, standing on the buyer's side has always represented the general industry trend ".

The contest registration time is from June 17 to Sept 22, and the participants will be from major colleges and universities, as well as financial and economic institutions.

Trading time is from September 23 to Oct 26. All prizes will be provided by FSI and sponsors, and are as follows: Outstanding Prize, First, Second and Third prizes. Additionally the FSI US headquarters hedge fund will grant a certificate of commendation.

The Awards Committee will be comprised of eight of the FSI hedge fund traders from the Beijing office, and the office chief analyst will be the chairman of the committee. After 2 rounds of review, a nomination shortlist will be configured, and the decision made by the panel.

Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, the Central Finance and Economics University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, New York University and many other well-known college students have signed up to the competition.

The awards ceremony of the First National College Forex Trader Demo Contest will be held in Beijing on Nov 2. Representatives from Renmin University of China Securities Investment Association, AIESEC Renmin University of China Branch and other well-known experts and scholars will attend.

Data shows that in 2012 full-year RMB deposits increased by 10.81 trillion yuan, foreign currency deposits increased by $131.4 billion, and the country's forex reserves reached $3.31 trillion. Domestic financial institutions and foreign currency deposits balance reached 67.3 trillion yuan, while savings deposits of urban and rural residents reached nearly 40 trillion yuan.

The financial sector development and reformation of the 12th Five-Year Plan clearly places emphasis upon the continuing development of monetary, foreign exchange and gold markets.

Furthermore, it is aimed to steadily promote the development of foreign exchange markets, to create abundant foreign exchange market products, as well as to improve the foreign exchange market trading mechanism, and to provide support for small and medium financial institutions involved in the foreign exchange market.

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