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Nation bans extravagance, bureaucracy

( Updated: 2013-01-21 19:41


Provincial leaders should effectively improve research and go to grassroots areas for at least two months every year.

They should make great effort to solve the livelihood problems of the people. The provincial leaders should have 5 to 7 days every year living and working with people for research.

Meetings and events should be vigorously streamlined and controlled.

To greatly reduce paperwork and briefings, documents without substantial content will not be issued. Overseas trip should be strictly regulated.

Receptions should be simplified. Banners, road closures and police cars should not be used for or by officials. News coverage should be simplified and improved.

Publication of the articles of provincial officials should be strictly controlled. Provincial leaders will not send congratulatory letters, messages or inscriptions.

The provision of housing and vehicles should be strictly controlled.

A clean and honest administration must always be adhered. Provincial officials should make strict requirements of their spouses, children, relatives and staff.


Officials at all levels in the province have been ordered to study and understand the new requirements

Measures to implement investigations and receptions and meetings should be streamlined

Deploy discipline inspection and supervision departments at all levels to strengthen control.

Take measures to improve working style and enhance ties between officials and the people.

The first week of every month will have no meetings. Leading officials of the provincial Party committee and government will go to grassroots areas for a period of at least 30 days a year.

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