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'Noise' should not affect China-India ties

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-12-03 18:49

BEIJING - Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo said Monday that bilateral ties between China and India should not be affected by "noise," calling for further cooperation for common development.

Dai made the comments as he held talks with India's National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon in Beijing.

The two countries should have a clear idea about some parties' intentions of undermining bilateral ties. They should also remember that there is more consensus than differences, and more cooperation than competition, between China and India, said the state councilor.

As advocates of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, both China and India have sufficient wisdom and capabilities to handle bilateral ties, make more efforts for mutual benefit and prevent "noise" from diverting friendly cooperation and common development, he added.

Every step forward in the two countries' development as well as bilateral ties will contribute to the peace, security and cooperation in the world, Dai said.

Dai spoke highly of the two countries' "creative" practices in coping with disparities and contradictions, saying China and India do not allow problems to influence bilateral ties.

The experience of handling and controlling disparities between China and India has made an important contribution to enriching the theories and practices of international relations, Dai said.

In the process of developing the relationship, China and India are committed to pushing forward a solution to existing problems, he said.

He noted that 15 rounds of talks had been held between special representatives on China-India border issues, and the two sides had accumulated consensus in the framework for solving the issues.

China and India experienced a border conflict in 1962. The two countries launched the mechanism of meetings between special representatives on border issues in 2003.

China and India, Dai added, are committed to protecting peace and stability in border areas and promoting military mutual trust.

"China and India's independence and peaceful development, as well as making their two-fifths of the world's population live in abundance, will be huge contributions to world peace and development," Dai said.


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