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China adopts criminal transfer treaty with Thailand

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-10-26 17:32

BEIJING - China's top legislature on Friday adopted a treaty on criminal transfer with Thailand to enhance judicial cooperation and safeguard the rights of sentenced criminals.

Members of the National People's Congress Standing Committee voted to ratify the China-Thailand treaty on the transfer of sentenced persons, submitted by the State Council at the closing session of the legislature's bimonthly meeting.

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, entrusted by the State Council, said when explaining the draft to lawmakers earlier this week that both China and Thailand had a number of citizens imprisoned in the other side.

"The treaty is conducive to improving bilateral judicial cooperation and enables criminals to serve jail term in their native country so as to better protect their rights and correct their actions," said Yang.

With 17 articles, the treaty includes transfer conditions, procedures, required documents and expenses.

It requires criminals in the other country to serve at least one year of sentence before being transferred to their native country, and the transfer should be conducted on the precondition that "both the two countries and the sentenced persons agree to be transferred."

China and Thailand held three rounds of talks discussing the treaty's draft in March and November 2005 and September 2011. The two signed the treaty in Bangkok, Thailand's capital on Dec 22, 2011.

The treaty accords with the basic principles and judicial practices of China's law and is in line with the country's interests and needs, according to the State Council.

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