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School accused of discrimination for IQ test

By AN BAIJIE ( Updated: 2012-09-06 19:32

A father in Henan province has accused a primary school of discrimination after it forced his 8-year-old boy to take an IQ test before letting him enroll.

Wei Shuangheng, a migrant worker from Nanyang, said Jianshe Road No 3 Primary School in provincial capital Zhengzhou turned his son away on Monday after he failed to answer questions from the teacher, Dahe Daily reported.

The questions were:

*What is 5 plus 7?

*Which kindergarten did you attend?

*What is your father’s name?

According to the report, Wei tried to explain to the teacher that his son was nervous, but the teacher insisted the boy take an IQ test at a nearby hospital.

The father then had to take his son to the city’s education bureau after the hospital failed to declare his boy’s IQ was normal.

An official at the education bureau asked the boy 10 mathematics questions, and he answered them all correctly.

Given the fact that the boy had done well on the math test, his IQ was unquestionably normal, and the school should not discriminate against children from migrant workers’ families, Wei told Dahe Daily.

With the help of the education bureau, the boy was finally enrolled by the school on Tuesday afternoon, according to the report.


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