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Late arrival by singer leads to audience's protest

By An Baijie ( Updated: 2012-09-06 17:50

Police in Luoyang, Henan province, are investigating a company that organizes concerts after an incident that almost led to a riot at a concert on Wednesday night.

The concert was advertised as featuring performances from Taiwan's Jeff Chang and another singer, Fish Leong.

While the other singer showed up on time, Chang did not appear on time. Instead, unidentified singers and dancers performed on the stage from time to time, which infuriated the audience, according to a report in the Dahe Daily.

The audience started to throw soft drinks bottles onto the stage at about 9:30 pm to express their dissatisfaction and chanted slogans asking for their money back.

Chang finally appeared on the stage at about 10:05 pm, but he had to leave after some audience members threw chairs onto the stage immediately after he said "hello".

The police asked the company that organized the concert to refund the tickets on Thursday, and the matter is being investigated.

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