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  • Chinese State Councilor meets US security advisor

    2011-05-12 22:43

    As a special representative of Chinese President Hu Jintao, Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo met here on Wednesday with US Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Tom Donilon, to discuss relations between their two countries.

  • Chinese telecom firms fight for rights

    2011-05-11 07:21

    Chinese telecom companies that have expanded into overseas markets are taking an increasingly tough line in defending their intellectual property rights (IPR) and fighting off the IPR claims of overseas rivals.

  • China is not inflation exporter

    2011-05-11 00:11

    There is little evidence that rising wages of Chinese workers is causing inflation in the world, Zhang Xiaoqiang, deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission, told the media on Tuesday.

  • Hu urges to advance partnership with US: Vice premier

    2011-05-10 20:37

    China will work together with the United States to keep moving forward the cooperative partnership between the two countries, Chinese President Hu Jintao said in a message conveyed Monday by Vice Premier Wang Qishan to US President Barack Obama. Full Text
    'Core interests' should be focus of talks: experts
    China presses US on high-tech exports cap

  • Clean energy strides to continue

    2011-05-10 18:09

    As concerns over energy security grows across the globe, the two largest producers and consumers of energy in the world will continue to cooperate in climate change initiatives and clean energy development, senior officials from China and the United States said Monday.

  • China, US build bonds of friendship

    2011-05-10 18:08

    China and the United States are likely to announce Tuesday dozens of deals and other agreements reached by the countries' top government officials during the third round of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue in the US capital, Minister of Commerce Chen Deming said.

  • China, US seek common ground

    2011-05-10 17:59

    China and the United States got off to a good start on Monday, the first day of the third round of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) in the US capital.

  • China presses US on high-tech exports cap

    2011-05-10 03:29

    Many American firms have lost business opportunities and market share in China as a result of US government imposing control on high-tech exports to China.

  • China: FDI review fair, urges vis-a-vis

    2011-05-10 02:26

    China's new security review of foreign direct investment, which began in April, is "open, fair and transparent", Chen Deming, Chinese minister of commerce said on Monday.
    China presses US on high-tech exports cap

  • Beijing, Washington roll out priorities

    2011-05-10 00:23

    The economic track of the 3rd round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue opened with both sides seeking to address practical issues that have held back the smooth progress of their relations.

  • Security, investment to dominate Sino-US dialogue

    2011-05-07 22:20

    As leading officials from the world's two largest economies meet next week, "strategic security" and "investment" might become key phrases dominating the 2011 Sino-US Dialogue to be held in Washington.

  • China, US to launch strategic security dialogue

    2011-05-06 14:03

    China and the United States will launch their first strategic security dialogue in Washington this month, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai said in Beijing on Friday.

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