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When Microsoft meets China's 'Internet Plus' initiative

[2015-03-31 20:16]

Smelling the business opportunities in these new policies, enterprises that utilize cloud computing distribution models, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, are all eager to grab a piece of the market.

Tech tycoons' take on innovation in BFA

[2015-03-29 20:40]

Innovation and technology are seen as a hot topic in this year's annual conference of the Boao Forum for Asia held in Boao, South China's Hainan province.

ZAKER helps traditional media reach more readers

[2015-03-27 16:58]

For e-readers or news-oholics, carrying a mobile device that receives the latest curated information is easier and more efficient than reading an old school newspaper.

Yu'ebao deposit reached 578.9b yuan by 2014

[2015-03-26 18:08]

Despite a dropping yield rate, Yu'ebao, China's popular online fund service backed by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, saw its deposits more than double to 578.9 billion yuan ($93.15 billion) in 2014.

Trade-in program for iPhone to start in March

[2015-03-26 11:38]

Chinese consumers will be able to take older iPhones to Apple stores for credit against the company's products as soon as March 31.

Read readers, feed news

[2015-03-24 17:46]

For a news-oholic, carrying a news feed smartphone to receive latest customized information is easier and more efficient than the old school Really Simple Syndication subscriber.

BAIC and LeTV embrace 'Internet Plus'

[2015-03-24 17:13]

BAIC Motor and Le Holdings Co signed an agreement to jointly build the first internet vehicle on March 23. on opportunities, challenges in rural areas

[2015-03-17 07:31]

Rural areas are the new battleground for e-commerce companies looking to expand their presence outside of the saturated urban centers.

Private firms have a hand in national cyber security sector

[2015-03-14 16:27]

"The government should encourage players from the local market, especially private companies, who are actively participating in the cyber security field, to take part in the development of national information security," said Chen Jianguo, a member of the CPPCC National Committee.

China needs to become manufacturing power

[2015-03-13 17:48]

"Every country has its own demands. For China, a country with large amount of energy consumption and hankering for new technologies, we need to learn from the German 'Industrie 4.0' concept," said Zhou Hongyu, deputy of the NPC.

Top 8 symptoms of being a smartphone addict

[2015-03-12 07:24]

Phubber, or smartphone addict, refers someone who is snubbing real social contact by frequently checking their phone and posting words and pictures on the Internet.

Mobile Internet takes travelers on more comfortable rides

[2015-03-07 07:43]

As an O2O business model in the transportation sector, chauffeur-driven car-on-demand services have become a new way to travel and are growing rapidly in China.

Alibaba loses its bet in online lottery

[2015-02-28 20:06]

The e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd suspended online lottery sales on Saturday due to pressure from industry regulators.

Majority of users endorse Internet rules

[2015-02-27 17:50]

More than 90 percent of Chinese netizens support government moves to crack down on unhealthy online content, a survey revealed.

Hacking group blamed for Lenovo cyber attack

[2015-02-27 17:45]

Lizard Squad, a hacking group that had previously targeted Sony Corp's online videogame network, was possibly behind the cyber attack on

China to add 200 million 4G users in 2015: Official

[2015-02-26 17:24]

China will add more than 200 million 4G telecom network users this year and is looking to build at least 600,000 new base stations across the country to expand coverage.

NetEase sets up first office in the US

[2015-02-25 11:25]

Chinese internet and video gaming giant NetEase has announced the establishment of a subsidiary office in Redwood Shores, California on Tuesday.

Yidao accuses Didi and Kuaidi of 'writing own rules'

[2015-02-16 20:10]

Beijing-based Yidao Car Rental Company claims a merger between taxi-hailing apps is against anti-monopoly law and has lodged a complaint with Chinese authorities.

Alibaba: SEC seeking information on fight over fake goods

[2015-02-16 11:25]

Alibaba said last Friday that US regulators have requested information on Chinese authorities' allegations that the company has failed to do enough to prevent fake goods from being sold on its websites.

Alipay launches new service to counter WeChat block

[2015-02-16 10:03]

Alipay, the e-payment service backed by Alibaba, launched a new service to help companies and brand owners give gift envelopes on WeChat.