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Lenovo's largest shareholder plans IPO in HK

[2015-06-02 11:29]

Legend Holdings Corp is planning to seek approval for an as much as $2 billion initial public offering from the Hong Kong stock exchange on Thursday.

Book marks Lenovo's decade of rapid global expansion

[2015-05-31 21:54]

A decade of international expansion by Chinese technology company Lenovo Group Ltd has been marked by a book launch.

Didi Kuaidi targets 30m users daily in 3 years

[2015-05-23 09:11]

Didi Kuaidi, China's largest taxi-hailing app provider by market share, said on Friday that it expects to serve 30 million people a day in three years.

HP eyes more govt deals after Tsinghua JV

[2015-05-23 09:04]

The new joint venture between Tsinghua and HP will become the second-largest enterprise hardware provider in China after Huawei Technologies.

Dell ready for the PC challenge

[2015-05-22 07:32]

Gaining a stable growth trajectory in the Chinese personal computer market is the key for Dell Inc to challenge Lenovo Group Ltd, said David Schmoock, president of Dell's global sales, client solutions. to build online pharmacy with drugmaker

[2015-05-19 10:52]

Chinese e-commerce giant Inc has joined hands with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co Ltd to develop its online healthcare business.

Telecom carriers reduce cost of Internet usage

[2015-05-15 17:48]

China's three biggest telecom carriers have rolled out detailed plans in response to the call to boost Web speed and cut cost from the State Council.

Ministry plans to boost Internet speed, reduce cost

[2015-05-15 12:13]

New 4G network covering the whole country, 30Mbps broadband speed and lower Internet costs are some of the steps announced by the government.

Apple tops smartphone vendor in China in Q1

[2015-05-11 15:49]

With 14.5 million units'sales volume, Apple became the top smartphone vendor in China in the first quarter of this year, said a report released by market intelligence firm IDC on Monday.

Apple announces new environmental initiatives in China

[2015-05-11 15:15]

Apple Inc announced new environmental protection initiatives that include a multi-year project with World Wildlife Fund to increase responsibly managed forests across China.

Top 10 third party E-takeaways in China

[2015-05-11 07:26]

Ordering food online to be delivered is commonplace in most cities, while companies running such business have seen rapid growth due to the expansion of mobile Internet and O2O (online-to-offline) services.

China to develop broadband network nationwide

[2015-05-08 17:47]

China will continue to expand the broadband network, and increase Internet speed and coverage, giving more people access to fast and convenient connections, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said Friday.

China to prioritize rural e-commerce development

[2015-05-08 17:36]

Rural e-commerce development will be a top focus this year, as China aims to foster a new growth pillar in the countryside, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said on Friday.

China's leads fresh $500 million investment in travel site Tuniu

[2015-05-08 17:18]

Chinese travel website Tuniu Corp said on Friday it has sold $500 million worth of new shares to a group of investors led by Inc, China's No. 2 e-commerce site, as part of a tie-up to boost its customer base.

Taste of growing e-commerce sweet for farmers

[2015-05-08 16:53]

May is the time for fresh, sweet cherries, and also an occasion for cheering Wang Xiaojing, a part-time online retailer from Yantai city of east China's Shandong province.

Huawei undeterred by Nokia's Alcatel-Lucent deal

[2015-05-08 10:09]

China's Huawei Technologies is undeterred by the merger of telecoms equipment rivals Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent and will keep growing in Europe.

Xiaomi breaks world's daily sales volume record

[2015-04-09 20:12]

The company was recognized for "the most mobile phones sold on a single online platform in 24 hours", as a total 2.12 million phones were sold online.

Apple's China recycling program starts with Foxconn

[2015-04-02 17:01]

Original equipment manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group has joined hands with Apple China on its "reuse and recycling program". raises delivery charges

[2015-04-01 15:27]'s customers will have to accept higher delivery fees after enjoying a long period of low-cost shipping fees. The company announced on Tuesday that it is ceasing its standard free shipping to control cost.

Huawei revenue up 20% to $46.29b

[2015-04-01 09:07]

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd's 2014 revenue was likely 287 billion yuan to 289 billion yuan, an increase of roughly 20 percent from a year earlier.