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Potential of Chinese market unlimited: SAP CEO

[2013-10-26 14:20]

"The potential of the Chinese market is unlimited for us," said Jim Snabe, one of the Co-CEOs of SAP, a leading enterprise application software company.

Baidu to launch finance center

[2013-10-22 17:33]

Baidu said it would launch its Baidu Finance Center, offering a product with China Asset Management Co with an annual rate of return as high as 8%.

Mobile use differs markedly between cities

[2013-10-20 23:37]

According to the Horizon Research Consultancy Group of Beijing, one's habit of using cellphone apps reflects the diversity of Chinese cities.

Internet access through lightbulbs achieved

[2013-10-17 14:16]

Successful experiments by Chinese scientists have indicated the possibility of the country's netizens getting online through signals sent by lightbulbs (LiFi).

Alipay to launch wallet app upgrade next month

[2013-10-17 07:12]

Alipay will launch a new version of its wallet mobile app in November that will allow offline transactions via sound wave technology.

Video site announces strategy after acquisition

[2013-10-16 19:43]

Baidu Inc's online video subsidiary said that it plans to reposition the business of PPS, a video site it acquired in May for $370 million.

Huawei rules out large acquisitions

[2013-10-14 09:33]

China's Huawei is not planning any large takeovers because it would be unable to integrate them, Deputy Chairman Guo Ping said.

China-made mobile phones help Bangladesh telecom boom

[2013-10-10 17:49]

China-made mobile phones-- Symphony, Maximus, Sprint, Digital, I- Max, etc -- have now earned a good name in Bangladesh market.

ZTE to dominate Philippine smartphone market

[2013-10-09 17:30]

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE Corporation is looking at dominating the Philippine smartphone market with affordable handsets in the immediate next three years.

3D printing helps reveal bacterial infections

[2013-10-08 09:51]

US researchers said Monday they have devised a three dimensional microscopic printing technique to study how communities of bacteria.

China cracks down on illegal mobile news apps

[2013-10-01 10:33]

China punished a number of mobile news applications that lack qualifications as news services and ordered them to correct their behavior within a time limit.

Huawei launches first Mideast logistics hub

[2013-10-01 09:57]

China's information and communications technology solutions provider Huawei on Monday launched its first Mideast logistics hub in Dubai's free port zone.

Samsung ranks 8th among global top 100 brands

[2013-09-30 16:57]

Samsung Electronics, the world's largest maker of smartphones, memory chips and TVs, ranked eighth among the global top 100 brands.

Tencent gets smart with television venture

[2013-09-25 07:21]

The vigorous expansion of Chinese Internet companies in the smart television sector is set to alter the landscape of the traditional TV.

Microsoft and BesTV alliance is a good sign

[2013-09-25 07:21]

Microsoft Corp's new alliance with BesTV New Media Co will help the US-based software giant to make inroads into China's video gaming market.

BlackBerry buyout may not help China business

[2013-09-24 21:47]

The United States smartphone maker BlackBerry Ltd’s $4.7-billion buyout deal does not guarantee an upturn in the company's fortunes in China.

Bridging the digital divide

[2013-09-22 14:39]

Jenaro Garcia has powered his company into a $500-million multinational giant, alongside a personal quest to leave the world a better place.

China's Alibaba sells aircraft online

[2013-09-13 21:09]

Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce group, has started selling aircraft on its consumer-to-consumer online auction site Taobao.

Huawei doubles investment in R&D in Europe since 2010

[2013-09-13 21:03]

Huawei has doubled its investment in research and development in Europe since 2010, a press release from the company said Friday.

Zhongguancun in strategic partnership with DBG

[2013-09-12 19:11]

Zhongguancun signed an agreement on Thursday with Deutsche Borse Group to promote more Chinese companies going public on the German stock market.