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Baidu to launch fund products

[2013-09-12 16:01]

Chinese Internet giant Baidu Inc is negotiating with leading domestic fund companies to offer customized fund products, according to a report from China Securities Journal on Thursday.

Taobao to launch aircraft auction

[2013-09-11 20:05]

Aircraft will be on offer to bidders on Thursday on Three helicopters and two light sports aircraft will be available from 10am sharp.

Tencent taps into China's online literature market

[2013-09-10 20:27]

Tencent Holdings Ltd announced its plan on Tuesday to tap into the country's booming online literature market in a bid to boost its entertainment business.

Move against online rumors aims at protection of Internet users' interests

[2013-09-06 16:54]

China's resolve to crack down on online rumormongers shows its desire for a healthy Internet.

Will Samsung's Galaxy Gear change mobile trend?

[2013-09-05 15:14]

Samsung unveiled its newest version of phablet Galaxy Note 3 and its companion gadget Galaxy Gear at the Berlin trade show on Thursday September 5, 2013.

Sina Weibo monetization finally takes off

[2013-09-04 09:31]

The stock price of Sina Weibo fluctuated greatly as investors' expectations on its monetization capabilities varied from time to time.

Microsoft to buy Nokia's handset sector for $7.2b

[2013-09-03 12:32]

Microsoft Corp would buy Nokia's mobile phone business for $7.2 billion, and the Finnish firm said its CEO would join Microsoft when the transaction closed.

An Economic Boost

[2013-09-02 17:34]

It's no secret that fast Internet speeds are quite elusive in China, placing it below the international average and well behind regional neighbors.

Cleaning Up Cyberspace

[2013-09-02 15:39]

On August 25, Beijing police released a statement saying that journalist Liu Hu had been detained on allegations of fabrication and dissemination of false rumors online.

All mobile and landline users must register

[2013-09-02 09:48]

A new policy requiring all landline and mobile phone users to give their real names went into effect on Sept 1, 2013.

China's tested 4G service on offer in six months

[2013-08-30 10:57]

China's 4G market is about to start selling 4G phones. About 10 mobile phones are under review.

China's 'Silicon Valley' to invest in Guiyang

[2013-08-29 11:14]

The southwestern city of Guiyang is attracting at least 43.7 billion yuan ($7.14 billion) in investment from Zhongguancun, China's "Silicon Valley".

China Mobile to catch up in chat sector

[2013-08-29 10:28]

Mobile chat application Yixin, launched by China Telecom Corp Ltd and NetEase Inc, is pushing China Mobile Ltd into an awkward corner, analysts said.

China set to overtake US in e-commerce

[2013-08-29 08:40]

China is poised to surpass the United States to become the world's largest e-commerce market this year, according to consultancy Bain & Co.

Alipay to discontinue offline-payment service

[2013-08-28 07:58]

Alipay, China's largest third-party e-payment provider, announced on Tuesday it will discontinue its still-nascent offline-payment service.

Broadcom working on next network convergence effort

[2013-08-27 06:50]

United States-based Broadcom Corp aims to work closely with China on the country's next network transformation effort.

Apple took a bite without company's approval

[2013-08-26 06:56]

The Shanghai-based Zhizehn Network Technology Co was in the news recently after it took tech giant Apple Inc to court for alleged patent infringement.

Promoting China's IT consumption

[2013-08-20 14:18]

MIIT minister said establishing a long-term mechanism to promote information consumption will benefit both short- and long-term interest.

Telecom, Netease to vie against Wechat

[2013-08-19 15:15]

China Telecom and launched a new instant messaging tool called Yixin to take on Wechat, the popular IM app from Tencent.

Internet finance´s role in future economy

[2013-08-16 19:09]

China will expand online finance by allowing more companies to participate in it. This is what Deputy governor of the People’s bank of China Liu Shiyu said.