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Alibaba to debut fixed-term investment

[2014-02-11 00:56]

After rolling out China's first Internet finance product, Yu'E Bao, in June last year, Alipay, the e-payment arm of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, is set to launch its first fixed-term wealth management service on Friday in a bid to offer an investment choice for those who are willing to wait longer for bigger returns.

Text messages shrink as OTT services boom

[2014-02-10 16:50]

Text messages and calls shrank sharply in China as mobile apps provided new ways of sending blessings during the Lunar New Year holiday, the Industry and Information Technology Ministry said Monday.

UnionPay transactions surge in Spring Festival spree

[2014-02-10 13:25]

China went on a holiday splurge during Spring Festival and transactions through UnionPay cards surged, the national bank card operator revealed.

Alipay claims to be world's No 1 mobile payment company

[2014-02-10 10:43]

Alipay, a leading Chinese third-party payment platform, announced Saturday it has become the largest mobile payment provider in the world.

Fewer greetings sent via text and multimedia message

[2014-02-07 17:30]

The fever for sending greetings via short text or multimedia messages to relatives and friends cooled during Spring Festival 2014, according to figures from some provincial telecom companies.

WeChat greetings double on Lunar New Year

[2014-02-03 09:04]

The number of messages sent through WeChat doubled on Thursday, the eve of the Spring Festival, when Chinese sent wishes for the new lunar year.

Mobile talent training a 'game-changer' in learning

[2014-01-28 07:54]

Because winning the talent war has become a factor in determining which companies stand out in the marketplace, smart corporate trainers are moving from traditional classrooms to mobile devices.

SAP reports highest quarterly revenue in China

[2014-01-23 16:04]

SAP AG, the world's largest enterprise management software provider, announced its highest-recorded revenue in the China market in the fourth quarter of last year.

China to host APEC technology fair

[2014-01-22 18:37]

Yiwu, Zhejiang province, will host the eighth APEC Small and Mid-sized Enterprises Technology Conference and Fair in June, government officials said.

Women in China more wired than in other markets

[2014-01-10 18:11]

Wired women in China are embracing technology and social media to a greater degree than like-minded women in other markets, an MSL study says.

China's mobile gaming market surges to 11b yuan

[2014-01-09 09:31]

China's mobile gaming market in 2013 was worth more than 11.24 billion yuan, said government authorities at a gaming industry summit on Wednesday.

Traditional businesses experience e-market rebirth

[2014-01-07 15:57]

During China's e-commerce market mushroom, some traditional manufacturing businesses in Guangdong province stood out as they utilized the Internet.

Telecom giants build cloud computing park in Guizhou

[2013-12-17 10:02]

China Mobile and China Unicom announced on Monday the beginning of construction on two cloud computing parks in Guizhou province.

Samsung to kick off $7b chip project in Xi'an

[2013-12-16 19:56]

Samsung's $7 billion chip manufacturing project in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, is proceeding smoothly with the installation and commissioning of manufacturer equipment starting in December, China Daily learned recently.

With app, job-seekers follow the money

[2013-12-13 07:46]

A smartphone application that allows users to share salary information is proving a hit among wannabe "job-hoppers".

Alibaba, Haier form logistics JV

[2013-12-10 01:14]

E-commerce giant Alibaba signed a deal on Monday with home appliance maker Haier to form a joint venture to build a logistics network.

China's authorities reaching public through apps

[2013-11-29 10:44]

A quarter of China's government ministries and 31% of provincial governments have developed software apps that run on smartphones or other mobile devices.

Some apps illegally deliver live broadcasts

[2013-11-29 07:45]

According to Chinese regulations, OTT [over-the-top content] TV can't deliver live broadcasts. But some small IT companies are bypassing these.

Shanghai court introduces mobile app

[2013-11-26 19:53]

A Shanghai court became the first in China to launch a mobile app to provide legal proceedings to the public.

Free first-class tuition at a touch

[2013-11-25 07:50]

The open source platform is called edX, a nonprofit learning enterprise founded by Harvard University and MIT that offers free online courses.