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Top 10 e-commerce trends in China to look for in 2015

[2014-12-09 07:56]

China Internet Week projects that 2015 will continue to be an iconic year for the world's largest e-commerce market, with the frontrunners and the industry becoming more mature.

Top 10 regions in ICT spending

[2014-12-08 07:58]

The information and communication technology market in China will grow steadily in the coming years, according to International Data Corporation.

Peculiar jobs in China

[2014-12-05 10:24]

When you search for jobs online, some newly developed jobs will certainly draw your attention.

6 Internet finance tools in China

[2014-12-04 07:54]

Internet finance, led by different online money market fund products created separately by Alibaba and Tencent, has been the buzz of China's finance industry since 2013.

8 Chinese industries taking on global players

[2014-12-03 08:06]

An article on Forbes magazine's website has listed eight industries in China that are doing a better job than more established competitors in other parts of the world.

Top 10 favorite gift brands of rich Chinese men

[2014-12-02 07:59]

The wealthy Chinese women like to give alcohol and watches to men, and both men and women like to give women jewelries, clothes and watches.

8 luxury cars and the image of their owners

[2014-12-01 08:27]

Chinese luxury car owners are, on average, 33.5 years old, who choose selective car brands as status symbols to support their image, according to a report.

6 things you should know about Black Friday

[2014-11-28 07:48]

While still waiting for packages from shopping spree on "November 11", Chinese online shoppers are ready to spend on Black Friday.

Top 10 largest hotel chains in China

[2014-11-27 07:54]

Hotel magazine, a trade publication serving the information needs of the worldwide hospitality industry, released a list of top 300 hotels in the world in August.

9 global hubs for renminbi trading

[2014-11-26 08:30]

China has inked agreements with nine hubs to operate local offshore renminbi centers as the use of the Chinese currency increases in global trade and investment.

Top 7 effects of rate cut on people's life

[2014-11-25 07:35]

The People's Bank of China, the nation's central bank, announced the first interest rate cuts in more than two years on Friday.

Top 10 most powerful businesswomen in China

[2014-11-20 07:35]

Fortune magazine's Chinese edition has named 25 Chinese women as the country's most powerful businesswomen.

Top 7 Chinese Internet brands in 2014

[2014-11-19 07:35]

Interbrand, a New York-based global branding consultancy, has published a list of 2014 Best China Brands, detailing the top 50 in China, using three key measurements of value.

Top 10 Internet companies by market value

[2014-11-18 07:30]

Silicon Valley dominates the Internet, but the initial public offering by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd shows how much action is shifting to Asia.

Top 9 popular goods Alibaba's buyers purchase overseas

[2014-11-17 07:12]

"Globalization" is one of Alibaba's main strategies for this year's Double 11 online shopping festival and was the group's first shopping event that covered shoppers on a global scale.

Six consumption areas govt banks on to boost economy

[2014-11-14 08:11]

Take a closer look at six sectors aimed at upgrading domestic consumption emphasized during an executive meeting of the State Council presided over by Premier Li Keqiang.

Top 7 figures to mark Alibaba Singles' Day shopping spree

[2014-11-13 07:20]

After shocking the world with its debut on the New York Stock Exchange as the largest IPO in US history on Sept 19, the Chinese e-commerce behemoth, again, showed its muscle with astonishing one-day sales figures.

Chinese companies pitch in for APEC

[2014-11-06 07:28]

After two rounds of sponsorship drive, 18 companies will be visible at the upcoming 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings.

8 things you should know about 'Double 11'

[2014-11-05 08:15]

As annual online shopping festival "Double 11" approaches, shoppers in China are getting ready to go on a spree. However, there are some things different about the "Double 11 in 2014".

Top 5 sectors that will ride on top of 'through train'

[2014-11-04 07:59]

Featured sectors in the Chinese stock market and undervalued blue-chips are expected to gain popularity, said Securities Daily.