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Top 10 riskiest cities in the world

[2014-04-21 07:14]

United Nations expects 6.3 billion people or 68 percent of the world's population to be living in urban areas by 2050, with the highest increase occurring in high growth markets.

Top 10 Chinese Internet firms eyeing IPOs in US

[2014-04-18 09:26]

Fever of listing companies in the United States has spread to China's Internet sector this year as many online firms have joined the game to launch IPO on US bourses.

Top 10 crowded subway stations in Beijing

[2014-04-16 07:18]

If you take the subway in Beijing from certain stations at rush hour, you will experience the full extend of the swarming multitude.

Top 10 picks for global travelers

[2014-04-15 08:29]

TripAdvisor announced the winners of its sixth annual Travelers' Choice Awards.

Top 10 best-selling SUVs in Chinese mainland

[2014-04-14 08:50]

CAAM data shows that the 10 best-selling SUVs and crossovers achieved total sales of 1,592,900 units in 2013

Top 10 smartwatches setting the trend

[2014-04-11 07:04]

Compared to the cool response from consumers, the investment market has turned white-hot, and some are even saying that overinvestment and potential bubbles have started to appear in the market, especially since not many brands have made big profits.

Top 10 Chinese cities set to sail on yachts

[2014-04-10 07:22]

China's yacht industry is expected to see 30 percent annual growth, with its market value projected to reach 15 billion yuan ($2.42 billion) in the next five years.

Top 10 economies where women call the shots

[2014-04-09 07:13]

In Thailand, as high as 37 percent of board directors are women.

Top 10 richest banks in the world

[2014-04-08 07:04]

Banks play a key role in economic growth for every country and are a part of the countries development process either for developed countries or under development countries.

Top 10 Chinese smartphone makers

[2014-04-04 07:59]

Chinese buyers are paying increasing attention to homemade brands, according to research from a consumer survey company under, the nation's largest electronics information platform.

Top 10 most well-known Chinese brands

[2014-04-03 07:57]

A survey on China's global image reveals that consumers in the developing countries know more about Chinese brands than those in the developed countries.

7 Chinese brands made hot by first lady

[2014-04-02 07:57]

China's first lady Peng Liyuan has received attention not only for her attire, but also for her good-will activities during State visits with President Xi Jinping.

Top 10 regions with highest GDP in China

[2014-04-01 07:55]

A detailed look at the economic landscape of China emerged in 2013 when the GDP figures of 31 provincial-level administrative regions were released simultaneously. Questions about which region had the highest GDP and which the lowest was finally settled.

Top 10 Chinese car maker moves

[2014-03-31 07:52]

Chinese car makers and internationl brands' joint ventures are continuing to expand in the country and the world through increased investments.

China's top 10 cities for salaries

[2014-03-28 07:49]

Competition in China's job markets resumes fierce after a short break during the Spring Festival. Zhilian Recruiting reveals a ranking about average monthly salary for white-collar workers of China's major cities.

World's top 10 most prestigious institutions

[2014-03-27 07:58]

Times Higher Education has published earlier this month its 2014 World Reputation Rankings - the definitive list of the world's 100 most prestigious universities, based on the largest invitation-only survey of senior academics.

Top 10 best-selling cars in Chinese mainland

[2014-03-26 07:45]

CAAM data shows that in 2013 the 10 best-selling cars accounting for 23.91 percent of all units sold.

Top 10 happiest cities in China

[2014-03-25 07:51]

According to "China's Economic Life Survey 2013-2014", released by CCTV (China Central Television) on March 4, 20 cities in China has been selected as the happiest cities in the country.

Top 10 canola flower attractions in China

[2014-03-24 07:59]

Top 10 cole flower attractions in China