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Top 10 amazing robots in the world

[2014-05-21 07:24]

Robots, once considered a luxury for many countries, have been increasingly penetrating fields as diverse as outer space exploration and ordinary daily services. According to a report released by HIS, an international information company, about 52,000 industrial robots are expected to be sold by 2017, generating a market value of $1.3 billion.

Top 8 most influential English training centers

[2014-05-20 07:16]

Chinese Society of Education announced a proposal to drop English from the national college entrance examination, the gaokao

Top 10 careers for new graduates

[2014-05-19 07:20]

About 7.24 million Chinese college students will graduate this year, making 2014 another "hard-to-find-job year" that has become a regular occurrence.

Top 10 biggest auto makers of 2014

[2014-05-16 07:21]

Despite its infamous recall debacle, Toyota has largely managed to rebuild its image. The Japanese company takes the No. 1 spot on this year's list, beating out German automakers Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW.

Top 10 world's biggest retailers

[2014-05-15 08:59]

The largest 10 retailers in 2014 among the the top 2,000 public companies from 62 countries in the world.

Top 10 largest public companies in the world

[2014-05-14 07:29]

The latest list, released on May 8, includes 2,000 major companies from 62 countries around the world.

Top 10 consumers of gold in the world

[2014-05-13 07:23]

China's demand for gold is set to rise by about 20 percent over the next few years, the World Gold Council estimates, as the population becomes wealthier.

Top 10 wetlands in China

[2014-05-12 07:18]

As summer approaches, tourists now are looking for destinations that keep them away from the heat. Check out the top 10 wetlands in China and experience the beautiful sceneries of natural reserves.

Top 10 favorite luxury brands of Chinese women

[2014-05-09 07:38]

From Mitsukoshi Department store in Tokyo to Harrods in London, store owners have new favorite customers, the Chinese. Chinese customers and their fascination and appetite for luxury good is legendary.

Top 10 best places to retire in China

[2014-05-07 07:18]

Retirement is a new phase of life, when you can banish all thoughts that have been bothering you at a younger age and just enjoy the rest of your life. But if you have a chance to consider new surroundings, you might as well factor into your options doctor availability, housing, living costs, weather and air quality.

Top 10 most expensive cars in the world

[2014-05-06 07:09]

Forbes has ranked vehicles that only a few can afford - the world's 10 most expensive cars for 2014. The No 1 on the list is the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster.

Top 10 best-selling video game consoles

[2014-05-05 07:15]

Microsoft's Xbox One will reach Chinese homes later this year, Microsoft announced on Wednesday. Here, let's have a look at the top 10 bestselling video game platforms of all time.

Top 10 world's highest-paid athletes

[2014-05-02 09:37]

Top 10 world's highest-paid athletes

Top 10 amazing places in Beijing for night-view

[2014-04-30 07:18]

If you are a fan of neon and city lights, here are the 10 places you should go for the best light show in town.

Top 10 largest stock exchanges

[2014-04-29 07:08]

Stock exchanges are where buyers and sellers transact business for marketable securities. Here's a look at world's 10 largest stock exchanges based on market capitalization, according to World Federation of Exchanges in 2013.

Top 10 globalized cities in the world

[2014-04-28 07:17]

Let's take a look at the most globalized cities in the world.

Top 10 companies receiving most subsidies

[2014-04-25 07:07]

The names of companies that received large amounts of government subsidies are now known to the public.

Top 10 newest ultra luxury cars

[2014-04-23 07:09]

On-going Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, or Auto China 2014, is undoubtedly a huge event. Carmakers from home and abroad are looking at the show to boost sales in the world's second-largest economy. Here's a look at 10 most expensive cars on display at the event.

Top 7 highest-paid executives in China

[2014-04-22 07:29]

A survey of salary rankings for executives in Chinese listed companies has just concluded, in which seven leaders' salary exceed 10 million yuan ($1.16 million).