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Top 10 food and beverage companies in China

[2014-09-19 08:12]

To satisfy 1.3 billion people's dietary needs is no small feat, especially with growing concern over food safety and rising number of food-related scandals.

7 Chinese cities that still restrict home buying

[2014-09-18 13:22]

By now, there are only seven cities yet to lift home purchasing restrictions. Let us take a look at these cities.

Top 10 cheapest new energy cars promoted in China

[2014-09-17 10:32]

Chinastarted waiving nationwide the 10 percent vehicle purchase tax for a total of 17 new energy passenger cars, including fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

Top 10 Chinese enterprises in 2014

[2014-09-16 14:02]

All the top 19 firms are State-owned enterprises, with Sinopec sitting at the top.

Top 10 box office hits in Chinese mainland

[2014-09-12 13:40]

Box office is not the only criteria by which to judge a movie but it is something directors or producers cannot ignore with Chinese-made movies gaining a foothold in the world market.

Top 8 executives who left western firms for Chinese companies

[2014-09-11 09:36]

It's becoming more common for top executives who used to work for western firms to steer their career path toward local firms in China, especially tech giants that have seen remarkable growth in recent years.

Top 10 listed banks in China

[2014-09-10 07:31]

China's top 10 listed banks are operating smoothly, expanding the size of their assets and liabilities and maintaining earnings growth while exhibiting a clear downward trend in terms of the quality of their credit assets.

4 most used smartphone operating systems in China

[2014-09-09 14:52]

Despite improvements in Apple's iOS 7 and the expected iOS 8, Android remains the most dominant operating system in China.

Top 10 China's business elites under 40

[2014-09-04 06:48]

Business magazine Fortune's Chinese version has ranked top 40 business elites in China who are under 40.

Top 10 jobs for graduates with highest salary

[2014-09-03 07:51]

A recruitment website in China has come out with a list of 10 jobs that offer highest salaries. Let's take a look at the list.

Top 5 richest people in Chinese mainland

[2014-09-02 07:37]

Helped by the rapid development of China's Internet industry, Chinese tech giants have embraced their fortune faster than their competitors in traditional sectors.

Top 10 insurance companies in China

[2014-09-01 07:29]

The Chinese insurance industry has experienced rapid expansion over the past decades, with annual life-insurance premiums growing from $10 billion in 1999 to $300 billion in 2013.

Top 10 most expensive restaurants in Beijing

[2014-08-28 07:44]

Restaurants play a major part in defining the characteristics of a city. They reveal the diversity of the place, the pace of the nightlife and the financial health.

Top 9 food safety scandals served by global brands

[2014-08-27 07:52]

Furor caused by Shanghai Husi Food Co's expired meat scandal had not even abated when H.J. Heinz was exposed for selling products that had excessive levels of lead.

Top 10 newsmakers who rocked China's stock market

[2014-08-26 07:45]

while the market is still searching for direction, a look at some of the major players who greatly influenced the stock market in 2013 might give us more insight.

Top 10 Chinese cities with best business environment

[2014-08-25 07:23]

A recent ranking by Global Times shows that Chengdu, capital of southwestern China's Sichuan province, leads among the top 10 cities with best business environment.

Top 10 Chinese cities attracting most talent

[2014-08-21 07:34]

Cities including Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang and Xiamen are emerging as the new first-tier cities credited as most charming among the 400 cities in China.

Top 10 employers rated best by students

[2014-08-19 07:33], a leading recruitment portal, conducted a survey on the best employers among Chinese university students at the end of July.

Top 10 oil giants by output in the world

[2014-08-18 07:54]

Oil, an important energy source relates directly to a country's development. Despite the search for a new energy source to replace it, oil still dominates the market.

6 foreign firms that sacked staff in China

[2014-08-15 07:53]

In the past several years, many international companies have laid off employees in China. Let us take a look at the foreign companies that have sacked most staff in China in the past two years.