Business / 2014 Top 10

Top 10 most visited video streaming sites in China

[2014-11-03 08:20]

Among websites in China ranked by Alexa traffic data, topped the video streaming sites and ranked 109th globally.

Top 10 richest Chinese in 2014

[2014-10-31 07:05]

Tech giants rank high in the list of 400 richest Chinese released by Forbes magazine. It has 242 billionaires, an increase from 168 in 2013, including more than 90 individuals who failed to make the cut last year.

Top 10 textile companies in China

[2014-10-28 07:20]

The textile industry is planning to increase textile and clothing exports by an annual rate of about 7 percent and boost the export value of fiber products to $400 billion by 2020.

Where have China's big group-buying websites gone?

[2014-10-27 06:52]

Just as group-buying seemed ready to enter daily life for good, Chinese group-buying websites now face an unpredictable future.

China's Top 10 stock market milestones

[2014-10-23 08:36]

China is set for another historic venture: the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, which will allow international investors to buy Shanghai-listed stocks via the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Top 10 cities with highest rents in China

[2014-10-22 07:34]

Having a living space is a basic need. When home prices simply become unaffordable, people are forced to rent a living space.

Top 9 major game publishers

[2014-10-20 06:42]

Here's a look at top 9 game developers of 2013 according to metacritic, an online review platform.

Top 10 richest IT geeks in China

[2014-10-16 07:17]

Ma Yun (Jack), 50, and his family became the wealthiest Chinese this year, according to Hurun IT Rich List 2014 released in Shanghai on Sept 25.

Top 10 richest real estate tycoons in China

[2014-10-15 07:06]

Real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin continued to be on top of the Hurun Real Estate Rich List, the Hurun research institute said in a report based on the 2014 list.

Top 10 Chinese brands in Asia

[2014-10-14 07:05]

The ranking is based on ABAS, which assesses scores from four perspectives, market performance, growth potential, product quality and business effectiveness.

Top 6 landmarks bought by Chinese firms

[2014-10-10 06:43]

Landmark buildings are increasingly becoming favored targets.

Top 10 overseas destinations for Chinese tourists

[2014-10-09 07:03]

Ctrip, China's largest online travel agency, released a report on the 2014 Golden Week travel data.

Top 5 offshore renminbi investments

[2014-10-13 08:48]

Renminbi is on track to be one of world's reserve currencies as payments worldwide using it nearly tripled in value in the past two years ending in August.

Top 8 expenses during the National Day holiday

[2014-09-30 07:53]

For Chinese, the National Day holiday is not only to celebrate the foundation of People's Republic of China, but also a shopping opportunity.

Top 10 creative figures in China

[2014-10-08 07:26]

The Chinese version of Forbes released its first list of China’s top 10 innovators on August 28.

6 tycoons who fell from top 10 richest list

[2014-09-26 07:46]

Six of the last year's top 10 fell out of this year's list, with four of them belonging to real estate sector, an industry that has gone through tough times this year.

Top 10 Chinese consumption categories in 2013

[2014-09-29 07:35]

China last year spent more than a quarter of its total consumption expenditure on food and beverages.

Top 10 mistakes made by Jack Ma

[2014-09-24 07:02]

It seems Jack Ma and his Alibaba empire have achieved something, although without doubt many mistakes have been made by the group during its 15 years of development and expansion.

Top 10 Chinese cities with best air quality

[2014-09-23 07:34]

China's Environmental Protection Ministry has released its latest air quality report showing that during August, ozone and PM2.5 remained the main pollutants in 74 cities.

Top 10 regions that rely most on real estate

[2014-09-22 07:40]

China Business News has analyzed the proportion of each province's real estate development investment accounting for its gross domestic product (GDP).