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MH370: The timeline

[2015-01-29 15:36]

MH370: The timeline

FIle photos: Patrol vessel Haixun 01

[2014-04-05 20:55]

Patrol vessel 'Haixun 01' is launched in Central China's Hubei province.

8 things you might not know about black box

[2014-03-27 14:39]

Now that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 is confirmed lost in the southern Indian Ocean, focus is turning to the retrieval of the flight's "black box".

Faces of flight MH370: What we know about the passengers

[2014-03-27 14:12]

Take a look at what we know about some of the missing passengers on MH370.

Live updates: Follow the latest

[2014-03-11 23:15]

A Chinese coast guard vessel in search of a missing Beijing-bound plane had covered a 200 square kilometer area as of 7:00 pm Sunday but no suspected target had been found.

Timeline of events on Flight MH370

[2014-03-25 06:42]

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 carrying 239 people lost contact with air traffic control some two hours after leaving Kuala Lumpur for Beijing on March 8. Till today, its whereabouts remain a mystery.

Passenger manifest for Flight MH370

[2014-03-08 18:19]

The below table shows the latest number of passengers and their nationalities.

Accidents and incidents of Malaysia Airlines

[2014-03-08 15:04]

Accidents and incidents of Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines - one of Asia's leading carrier

[2014-03-08 10:58]

As the flag carrier of Malaysia, it operates flights from its home base, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and with a secondary hub in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

Facts and figures about Boeing 777-200

[2014-03-08 14:56]

Background: Boeing 777-200


[2014-03-25 17:49]


Timeline - Malaysia Airlines flight missing

[2014-03-13 12:11]

Here is a timeline of events in the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jetliner which vanished from radar screens on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing early on Saturday.

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