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Quick facts about the China National Committee for PECC

By ZHANG YUNBI ( Updated: 2014-09-10 17:28

According to its Charter, each PECC (Pacific Economic Cooperation Council) member has its own committee, through which it participates in the process.

The China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (CNCPEC) is a national organization established in 1986 in accordance with the PECC Charter. CNCPEC comprises multipartite representatives from government, business, media, civil society and academia.

CNCPEC's objective is to seek and promote economic development and cooperation within the Asia-Pacific region, and its major tasks are:

- engaging in overall research on economic development and cooperation;

- organizing and coordinating various units and sectors to participate in the activities of PECC;

- promoting multilateral and bilateral exchanges with PECC and its member economies.

The organization of CNCPEC includes the Plenary Meeting, the Standing Committee, the Secretariat and multiple sub-committees in accordance with PECC task-force activities.

The founding chair of CNCPEC was the late Huan Xiang, a renowned diplomat, scholar and specialist in international affairs. Subsequent chairs were Li Luye, Yang Chengxu and Mej Ping. The current chair is Tang Guoqiang.

The Plenary Meeting is held annually to summarize the work of the previous year and plan activities for the next.

CNCPEC has subcommittees for business, financial market development, human resources development, food and agricultural resources development and international eco-tech cooperation, as well as two quarterly publications in Chinese, Research in Pacific Economic Cooperation, and Pacific Economic Cooperation Newsletter.

CNCPEC successfully held the 11th General Meeting of PECC in 1995. Rong Yiren, the then vice-president of China, and Li Lanqing, the then vice-premier, attended and addressed the meeting.

This year, CNCPEC is hosting the 22nd General Meeting of PECC, with the purpose of providing intellectual support for the APEC summit to be held in Beijing later this year.

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