Ambassadors who helped shape Sino-US ties

Updated: 2014-03-18 15:46

10th US ambassador to China: Gary Faye Locke

Ambassadors who helped shape Sino-US ties

Ambassadors who helped shape Sino-US tiesI feel very proud of what I have been able to accomplish in China during the two and a half years…the US-China relationship has turned a new chapter.Ambassadors who helped shape Sino-US ties

Term of appointment: Aug 1, 2011 - Feb 21, 2014

China connections: Locke was the first Chinese American to be appointed US ambassador to China. He was also the first White House Cabinet member to take up the post since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1979.

Major issues: Locke weathered storms in relations and deserves credit for aiding US exports to China and keeping China as America's fastest growing export market during the darkest days of the global financial crisis. He has been praised as an outstanding promoter of tourism and cultural exchanges between China and the US. During his term, the visa processing time was reduced from 70 to 100 days to just three to five days for Chinese tourists wanting to visit the US.

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