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Noda quits from DPJ's presidency

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-12-17 00:11

TOKYO - Leader of Japan's Democratical Party of Japan (DPJ), Yoshihiko Noda, said on late Sunday that he quits from the party's presidency.

Noda made the remark during a press conference after his party suffered a big defeat in Japan's general election.  

He first apologized to the people who voted for the DPJ despite the cold weather.

"The greatest responsibility of the great defeat falls on me as the leader of the party. I accepted the consequences thoroughly and I resign from the post as president of the Democratic Party of Japan," said Noda with tear in his eyes.

Noda said it is regrettable that although he and his colleagues worked hard during the three years in the government, they lost a lot of important comrades and colleagues.

Noda said his party will hold an assembly as soon as possible to choose a new leader.

"As a political party, we will once again gain supports from the public," said Noda.

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