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Incubator project ranks among top-100 in China

( Updated: 2015-12-28 17:26

A real estate project in Shanghai's financial district of Lujiazui (the Lujiazui Start-up Block) featured on top 100 quality properties in China for 2015-16 on Dec 18. The list was compiled by the China Index Academy and was revealed at a general assembly of the real estate industry (12th China's real estate in numbers conference) at the Shanghai International Convention Center.

Representing China Xingyue Group – the project's co-developer, Fang Ren, assistant to president of the group's investment arm in Shanghai, received the certificate of honor at the conference.

The project combines start-up incubator facilities with shared offices for emerging finance and innovator apartments. It is located on Lingshan Road in Pudong and covers 120,000 square meters.

With considerate use of space and artful interiors, the apartments represent the best possible lodging a young entrepreneur can get from the highly-developed property market in Shanghai's financial center.

Property management expert Atour, based in Shanghai, and Colliers International, headquartered in Seattle, US, were brought in to manage the facilities. International Youth Community, a Guangzhou-based chain hostel business, is also in partnership with the project.

The first and second floors of the apartment buildings will function as communal areas, while additional public areas will be made available to serve as a place for industry pioneers to exchanges ideas, meet potential partners and hold presentations. The Pudong Library will also set up branches there.

Kitchen, canteen and gym facilities will run 24 hours to allow young entrepreneurs to have flexible working times.

Self-styled as an incubator for start-ups and new business models, the project's commitment to providing a healthy environment for creative and productive work is evident in thoughtful design and the services it provides.

Its inclusion in the top 100 quality properties in China list signals a trend shift in how to develop commercial property in China.

It will be wise to for any business operation to keep innovation and sustainability at heart when crafting new products or designing new services in the future as China's authorities seek to restructure the supply side by reducing the number of "zombie enterprises" and stressing the market's role.

Edited by Jacob Hooson

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