Contest aims to bring Chinese tech startup stories to life

By Chen Nan ( ) Updated: 2016-08-19 16:30:57

Zhongguancun, the country's tech hub located in the capital's Haidian district, is known as the breeding ground for some of China's top Internet and tech firms -- PC maker Lenovo, search engine Baidu and online portal Sina.

Now, in a bid to record the history and stories of Zhongguancun, a scriptwriting competition has been initiated.

Organized by the local government of Haidian district and supported by the Beijing Theatre Association and the Beijing People's Art Theater, the competition, which was launched on Aug 18, will run till the end of 2016. One million yuan will be awarded in prizes to 11 scriptwriters.

According to Chen Jing, the director of the government of Haidian district, who is in charge of the cultural department, the scripts, have either to be based on real stories or be adapted from any art form, and should focus on Chinese entrepreneurs who started their careers in Zhongguancun.

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