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Women hesitant to become bridesmaid due to vulgarity, humiliation

By Liu Wei ( Updated: 2016-04-13 06:40


A recent case that hit the headlines occurred at the wedding of Bao Bei'er's, a Chinese entertainment star, and Bao Wenjing on March 30.

Lots of showbiz friends were invited and one of them, Liu Yan, a celebrity known for her sexy looks, was one of their bridesmaids.

During the ceremony, several male guests carried Liu Yan and almost threw her into a nearby lake.

Liu Yan screamed but no one came to her help. The other bridesmaid noticed Liu Yan's unwillingness and tried her best to stop the game.

A video clip of the incident was uploaded online and went viral. It generated lots of condemnation and anger.


A woman in Wuhan, Hubei province, who saw the video clip of Liu Yan's decided not to become a bridesmaid for her best friend wedding a month before the event.

She said she was afraid that she will be tricked into something like that, so didn't want to be a bridesmaid anymore.

The bride-to-be persuaded her that she will not allow any horseplay on her.

The woman asked the bride to sign a contract with the fiancé's family which stipulates that no male will physically touch the bridesmaid, not ask the bridesmaid to do anything beneath her dignity, and no one will force the bridesmaid to drink alcohol.

However, the future mother-in-law became furious. She said all the games are just for fun and celebration, and should not be treated as a big deal.


Another case that caught the headlines occurred in Tai'an, Shandong province, in 2013. All the clothes of a 16-year-old bridesmaid were ripped off and several men touched her body. Six of the culprits were given prison sentence ranging from one to three years.

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