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China evacuates residents after Afghanistan quake felt in Xinjiang

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-04-11 11:37

China evacuates residents after Afghanistan quake felt in Xinjiang

Rescuers are assessing conditions of local buildings in Kashgar prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on April 10, 2016. Strong tremors were felt in southern Xinjiang in Northwest China when a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Afghanistan on Sunday. No casualties have been reported. [Photo/Xinhua]

URUMQI - Chinese rescuers have evacuated residents from quake-jolted homes in border towns after strong tremors from a 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck Afghanistan on Sunday were felt in southern Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Rescuers have carried out door-to-door checks in villages in Hotan, Kashgar, and Kizilsu Kirgiz prefectures. No casualties have been reported.

In Atjiayili Village located in Wakhan Corridor, the closest Chinese village to Afghanistan, rescue teams aided by border guards and police helped evacuate villagers whose houses are prone to quake damage. They also taught students at a boarding school how to avoid danger and reach safety in the event of aftershocks.

Zhang Chao, the local police chief, said he was visiting a local family when the quake occurred Sunday afternoon. He felt the house shaking and immediately went door to door asking people to stay outside in an open field.

In Hotan, rescuers walked 70 km to reach Serike Village to help evacuate 173 people and 200 livestock from their homes.

The China Earthquake Networks Center reported that the quake hit the Hindu Kush area at 6:28 pm (Beijing Time) Sunday at 36.56 degrees north latitude and 71.31 degrees east longitude at a depth of 200 km.

When the tremors were felt, Xinjiang railway authorities temporarily suspended train travel in southern Xinjiang, causing delayed arrival for three trains.

The railway department said on Monday that the lines have resumed their normal train schedules after workers checked the safety of rail lines.

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