Professional bridesmaid has high income

Updated: 2006-11-06 11:39

According to Hainan Daily, a Chinese legend says a girl should not be a bridesmaid several times or she will fail to find a husband in her lifetime. But currently professional bridesmaids have become popular in Haikou, capital of southern China's Hainan Province. They refuse to believe such legend, hoping to create a unique serving item by themselves. They have participated in many wedding ceremonies, which also makes their service quite reliable.

Hainan Happy Felicity Wedding Service Agency was the first one to provide bridesmaids for wedding ceremonies in Hainan, which charges 100 yuan (US$12.7) per girl. Its manager says the idea of creating professional bridesmaids was initiated by his clients. During the National Day holiday of 2005, a white collar working in Beijing wanted to hold his wedding ceremony in Haikou. But without any friends and relatives, he could not find any appropriate groomsman and bridesmaid there. The agency then decided to help him to hire groomsmen and bridesmaids. After his problem was solved successfully, the agency started to employ young girls and boys to be professional groomsmen and bridesmaids.

The manager also reveals that there are more and more newlywed couples aged above 30, which makes it harder for them to find bridesmaids, for most of their friends are married. Professional bridesmaids also get support from the public, thus bridesmaids working for the agency have increased from 3 to 20.

Miss Yu, a college student, has attended several wedding ceremonies as bridesmaid. She says she enjoys being a bridesmaid, sharing the happiest moment with newlyweds.


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