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Beijing police bust fake government recruiters

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-08-03 17:03

BEIJING - Beijing police arrested a group of fake government employers who were tricking job seekers into paying bribes to get a position in China's central government.

More than 30 non-locals were duped into paying around 600,000 yuan ($96,660 dollars) after attending recruitment seminars organized by the "China Domestic and Foreign Economic Development Working Committee", which doesn't exist, the public security bureau of Beijing said.

A man surnamed Zhou, who reported the crime on July 7, said a self-claimed official from the committee promised an "operation fee" of 800,000 yuan could ensure a post in a central ministry.

The information led to the arrests of three people while they were holding another seminar on July 17.

Police said the three suspects were unemployed and had been arrested on fraud charges for multiple times.

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