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CNN: Corruption as China's top priority

[2014-02-20 14:59]

Chinese President Xi Jinping is making the anti-corruption campaign his No 1 mission since he became the general secretary of the ruling the Communist Party.

Reuters: Xi warns of grim fight against corruption

[2014-02-20 14:25]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Jan 14 the fight against corruption was grim and complicated but nevertheless, it had to be solved quickly with "drastic medicine".

CNBC: Luxury spending drops amid anti-corruption

[2014-02-20 13:39]

China's luxury market, which was growing at least 20 percent a year, is quietly imploding as a result of the ongoing crackdown on corruption.

AP: Chinese drug company targeted in corruption case

[2014-01-13 14:29]

China's biggest drug distributor says two former executives are the target of a corruption investigation, widening a graft probe that has focused on foreign pharmaceutical makers.

Reuters: China's PLA eyes constructions in anti-graft drive

[2014-02-20 14:18]

China's military said on Thursday it would tighten controls over the construction and sale of buildings to ensure proper accounting and transparency for all financial transactions as part of a wider government anti-corruption drive.

Reuters: Companies should welcome China's corruption crackdown

[2014-02-20 13:47]

An intensifying crackdown on corruption in China is a positive development that should be welcomed by companies doing business there, and not be a source of concern, said a senior UN crime-fighting official.

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