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Xi's foreign trips present China as a world player

[2015-12-05 09:34]

President Xi Jinping has by my count become the most-travelled Chinese leader in modern times as he seeks to project his "Chinese Dream", which promotes the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

US expert busts myths about Chinese investment in Africa

[2015-12-07 16:36]

The most persistent claims by some media organizations regarding China's investment in Africa run contrary to ground realities and such reports should only be consumed "with a grain of salt," a renowned US expert on Africa said.

China's pledge to Africa refutes 'neocolonialism' rhetoric

[2015-12-07 15:40]

China's pledge to continue to support Africa in achieving development and prosperity has once again refuted the rhetoric of "neocolonialism" in the continent.

China's cooperative efforts for a better world

[2015-12-07 08:54]

In Paris, President Xi delivered a strong message at the UN climate change conference, presenting China's vision of and contribution to global efforts to combat climate change.

Blueprint for future of brotherhood with Africa

[2015-12-07 08:36]

President Xi Jinping pledged $60 billion in development aid for African countries took many by surprise.

Cartoon commentary⑤: Opening new chapter in China-Africa co-op

[2015-12-05 18:14]

On Dec 4, Chinese President Xi Jinping and South African President Jacob Zuma chaired the opening ceremony of the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

China, Africa strive further for common development

[2015-12-05 16:05]

China proposed on Friday to lift the new type of China-Africa strategic partnership to a comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership, and will roll out 10 major plans to boost cooperation in the coming three years to carry out the upgrade.

Reporter's log: Behind-the-scene look at Xi's meeting with African leaders

[2015-12-04 21:10]

I had been wondering how Chinese President Xi Jinping managed to meet and talk with 10 of his African counterparts in an afternoon when I first learned of his agenda for Thursday.

New starting point for China-Africa cooperation

[2015-12-04 11:10]

China and Africa, which have much in common and show mutual supports for each other on many international and regional issues, will soon see a fresh stage in their cooperation.

The new frontier in China-Africa cooperation

[2015-12-03 16:38]

President Xi Jinping's visit to Africa isn't just symbolic but also a reaffirmation of China's engagement with the continent.

Summit to promote sustainable development

[2015-12-04 07:47]

With environmental degradation threatening to undermine Africa's long-term economic growth and prosperity, this week's China-Africa summit provides a critical opportunity to promote sustainable development.

Summit to strengthen China-Africa solidarity

[2015-12-04 07:35]

The upcoming summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation will further consolidate the time-honored friendship between them and broaden the horizons for their reciprocal cooperation

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