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Poland should position itself for One Belt, One Road project, official says

By Wang Mingjie (China Daily Europe) Updated: 2016-06-21 05:21

President Xi Jinping's visit to Poland will be a "decisive push" for Sino-Polish relations, says Slawomir Majman, former president of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

The visit will take place at a time when the density of the official conduct between two countries is very high, he says. The new Polish President Andrzej Duda visited Beijing and Shanghai at the end of last year, followed by the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs' visit to China months ago.

Majman says, despite the growing political relations between the two countries, the economic relations are still left behind political relations, admitting that the Polish side have no reason for it.

"Such a powerful global economy as the Chinese and such a strong and growing economy in Europe, like Poland, should generate more. We can't be happy with the level of trade, which is roughly 11 to one -- Chinese exports 11 and Polish exports 1. We are not dreamers, so we don't expect that our trade with China will ever be 1 to 1, but it won't be 11 to one for instance 5 to one or 6 to one would be much better," says he.

As one of the largest recipients of foreign investment in Europe, Poland's total foreign direct investment exceeded 171.6 billion euros by 2014, but the value of Chinese investment accumulated was merely 0.09% of total foreign investment in Poland, according to the figures from National Bank of Poland.

"Poland is not afraid of Chinese capital provided it is going to provide good new jobs," he says, adding courageous, bold, Chinese projects in the country are welcome and the Polish government is pushing the Chinese partners to come up with their side of the project.

As an effort to welcome various new visions and ideas of the Chinese revolution, particularly in economic terms, Majman says Poland's commitment to strengthen the relationship with China is not only about the mere trade, or what is taking place during the visit, but is about persistent policy to be an important part of the Chinese revolution of the Belt Road Initiative.

From the political aspect of the One Belt and One Road initiative, he says China's involvement in global policies is not just on a bilateral basis but more on a multilateral basis.

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