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China rebukes South China Sea hype at G7 Summit

By Mo Jingxi ( Updated: 2016-05-27 19:42

China said it was "extremely dissatisfied" with Japan and the G7 for hyping up the South China Sea issue at the G7 summit, which concluded on Friday, and asked related parties to stop making irresponsible remarks.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chuying said at a press conference on Friday that China has noticed the statement issued by G7 leaders on the South China Sea, and urged parties concerned to keep their promise of taking no position on territorial disputes.

"We are extremely dissatisfied with the practice of Japan and the G7," Hua said.

The G7 summit in Japan hyped up South China Sea disputes and intensified tensions, which did not help maintain stability in the South China Sea nor accord to the meeting's identity as a platform for developed countries' economic governance, Hua said.

She urged the group to focus on economic and development issues of global concern, instead of "harming the interests of other countries or stimulating regional tensions".

Hua also noted that it is legitimate and indisputable for China to conduct activities in the South China Sea, which is within its own territorial sovereignty.

In fact, an increasing number of countries and organizations have expressed their understanding and support for China and related countries to resolve South China Sea disputes via talks and negotiations, in accordance with bilateral agreements and regional consensus, Hua said.

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