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Japan urges restraint from DPRK following possible missile launch

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-04-15 15:57

TOKYO - Japan on Friday said that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK) possible attempt of launching an intermediate-range "Musudan" missile was of no threat to national security although the attempted launch was swiftly condemned by the government.

Japan's Defense Minister Gen Nakatani told a press briefing that there were no inbound projectiles found headed towards Japan and as such there was no impact on the nation's security.

"We have not confirmed any projectile heading towards our country. No event or circumstance influencing our security has occurred," said Nakatani, adding that his ministry is, "collecting and analyzing information at all times. We've gathered information on this case as well but I will refrain from commenting on this considering the nature of the matter."

Japan's top government spokesperson Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, also declining to give specifics about the possible launch, said that Japan's forces had taken the necessary precautions, while information gathering was underway.

"Japan is analyzing and collecting information in coordination with the United States and South Korea. The Self-Defense Forces have also taken necessary preparations," Suga said.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida while describing the possible launch as "provocative" and urging restraint on Pyongyang's part, said Japan would continue to closely liaise with the United States on the matter.

"North Korea's provocative acts, in any form, are unacceptable," Kishisa was quoted as saying.

After being slapped with sanctions by the UN Security Council last month for conducting a fourth nuclear test as well as launching a long-range rocket widely believed to be a test of banned ballistic missile technology, the DPRK has launched a number of projectiles of late, some of which have been categorized as missiles.

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