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Nestlé and joint-ventures' employees jointly construct Sichuan Zhuwa Primary School

( Updated: 2015-05-08 15:40

Today prior to the 7th Children's Day after the Wenchuan earthquake, Nestlé and Zhuwa Primary School in Pixian County, Sichuan successfully held the "Zhuwa–Nestlé Art Festival", an activity themed "Happy Living, Happy Growth".

Over 40 outstanding employee representatives from Nestlé and its joint-ventures participated in the activity. Meanwhile, the program "Food Safety Week into Campus" launched by the State Food and Drug Administration was also introduced into Zhuwa Primary School. Experts from China Food Safety Thirty-Person Forum were invited to give presentations and professional advice. Leaders from the State Food and Drug Administration; Sichuan Food and Drug Administration and were also present.

"Food Safety", "Nutrition and Health" and "Environment" themed activities were interwoven into this art festival. The participating employees were engaged with each class and teachers through various activities to help children get a multidimensional understanding of the world beyond the campus. In return, students expressed their joy and wonderful experiences they have had in their campus life through talent shows, including sculptures, dancing and musical performances.

Today Zhu Xiaoqian, expert from China Food Safety Thirty-Person Forum, brought authoritative and practical courses to the teachers and students and their parents. Meanwhile, Nestlé introduced the "Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Program" and Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) to the school again so as to strengthen the children's awareness of nutrition, health and the environment.

By launching these programs in Zhuwa Primary School, Nestlé helps establish comprehensive, systematic, routine course for food safety, environment and nutrition and health education, and sets an example of how a rural primary school can adapt itself to an international teaching philosophy.

"Children are our future. Nestlé, as a leading company in nutrition, health and wellness, shares the responsibility to care for their physical and mental health," said John Cheung, Chairman & CEO, Nestlé GCR. "We are committed to Creating Shared Value for all related parties and the society whenever we can.

We have chosen outstanding employees from Nestlé and its joint-ventures from across China to join the festival, not only as a way to give recognition of their great work but also to provide them with an opportunity to experience Nestlé's philosophy in action and be part of Creating Shared Value."

Ms. Amy Geng, a Nestlé employee, brought gifts and greeting cards carefully prepared by the children of employees to the Zhuwa students. She felt very honored to have the opportunity to pass love, care and encouragement together with her colleagues to those students. Hou Jiazhi, an agronomist from Nestlé Agriculture Service Department in Pu'er, brought a rare coffee seedling and planted it with the students on the campus grounds. He hoped they could grow as sturdily as a tree.

In 2008, when the buildings of Zhuwa Primary School was severely damaged in the earthquake, Nestlé and its employees made generous donations to help rebuild it. To provide long-term support, show its care and love to the children, and create a platform for its employees to give back to society, Nestlé regards the school as its long-term partner for receiving support.

Every year employees from Nestlé personally participate in its related activities, effectively combining public service activities with employee engagement. Over the past 7 years, Nestlé has worked with Zhuwa administrators and teachers to launch a series of incentive programs and projects, including setting up the annual Nestlé Scholarship for outstanding students and the Nestlé Incentive Prize. The company has also helped to enhance education technology and equipment, open the school nutrition and health clinic, and encouraging employee volunteers to participate in school events and activities. Thanks to these efforts, Zhuwa Primary School has evolved from an average rural school to a "first class" rated school in Pixian County's comprehensive education evaluation.

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