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'Nightmare' incompatible with future China-US relations

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-01-29 15:49

BEIJING -- As the United States gears up for yet another presidential race, American analysts have started to project the future course of China-US relations.

A signed article carried by The Diplomat said that Hillary Clinton, a widely anticipated runner for the top position, is a tough figure on China relations, given her previous role as secretary of state.

It then went on to predict that bilateral ties will face "a more confrontational environment," and that 2016 "could turn out to be the start of a nightmare" for China.

Given the differences between the two heavyweights, ups and downs are inevitable and only natural, but the nightmare scenario is a wild guess. China-US interaction, which is evolving into a new type of major-country relations, is unlikely to retrogress because of a change of guard at the helm.

After decades of mutually beneficial cooperation, the world's two largest economies enjoy growing common interests in all areas. Even a tough leader cannot upset the fundamental basis of bilateral ties.

Whoever is able to win the White House in 2016 will be clear-eyed enough to grasp the mainstream of bilateral relations. Only by working with Beijing can Washington protect its long-term interests and continue to play a leading role in world affairs.

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