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Sansha city outlines plan on environment

[2015-07-25 08:09]

China's southernmost city of Sansha, which administers a number of South China Sea islands, will soon launch waste treatment facilities as local authorities intensify efforts to protect the local maritime environment.

Nansha reclamation to end soon - as planned

[2015-06-17 07:32]

Country created one million new millionaires last year as the nation's booming stock market bolstered the ranks of the wealthy.

China rejects objection by Vietnam on fishing ban

[2015-05-19 07:27]

Beijing last week announced the temporary ban on fishing in parts of the sea between May 16 and Aug 1 to protect marine resources.

China says DOC not tool for Philippines to whitewash wrongdoings

[2015-05-09 07:39]

China urges the Philippines government to stop unfounded accusation and hyping of China's construction work in the South China Sea.

Island, reef construction in South China Sea lawful, justified: FM

[2015-03-08 13:06]

China's construction on its own islands and reefs in the South China Sea is lawful and justified, as China is merely building facilities in its own yard.

FM releases photos of Vietnam ship hitting Chinese patrol vessel

[2014-06-15 19:04]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China for the first time released photos of Vietnam ship hitting Chinese marine surveillance vessel on June 14, 2014. These photos also recorded how Chinese ship salvage obstacles deliberately placed by Vietnam side. [Photo/]

Chinese ships arrive in Vietnam to evacuate workers

[2014-05-19 13:39]

Four chartered ships arrive at a central Vietnamese port to pick up Chinese nationals following deadly anti-China riots last week.

China Navy patrols Nansha islands

[2014-01-26 01:23]

A formation of the Nanhai Fleet of China's Navy on Saturday finished a three-day patrol of the Nansha islands in the South China Sea, and is now heading southward.

Carrier embarks on mission to South China Sea

[2013-11-27 00:49]

China's sole aircraft carrier, Liaoning, left for the South China Sea on Tuesday on a mission to test its crew and technical capabilities.

Nanyan, the main reef of Huangyan Island

[2014-05-07 16:20]

Nanyan, the main reef of Huangyan Island, is seen in this picture taken on May 8, 2012.

Xisha islands to become China's latest ecotourist paradise

[2014-02-10 14:01]

The Xisha Islands in the South China Sea are to become China's latest tourist hotspot.

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