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Luxury villa trip teaches children to want wealth

( Updated: 2015-06-01 11:10

Luxury villa trip teaches children to want wealth

A pamphlet on which a 70-year-old woman looks for her lost puppy in Beijing. [Photo/Beijing Youth Daily]

Find a lost puppy, receive a Beijing house

Do you want a house in Beijing? Then join the group searching for a lost puppy.

A notice put up by a 70-year-old lady for her lost puppy through an online app, saying she will reward the person who finds it with a house in Beijing worth four million yuan ($645,200) attracted numerous people, claiming they have found it, according to a report on May 31, 2015 from Beijing Youth Daily.

Mrs. Liu, whose sons and daughters stay overseas, lives in Beijing with her lovely puppy. However, it recently got lost. Mrs. Liu put out a notice online offering a reward of a Beijing house worth 4 million yuan.

After the notice was posted on an app, numerous people made calls to Mrs. Liu, claiming they had found the dog, but all of them turned out to have found the wrong dog. Some even provided false clues or disguised similar dogs to make them look like the lost one.

"We are fed up with the false calls and are thinking of giving up the search," said Liu's nephew.

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