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Luxury villa trip teaches children to want wealth

( Updated: 2015-06-01 11:10
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Luxury villa trip teaches children to want wealth

Children are taken to an expensive villa for a wealth education visit. [Photo/]

Children taken to luxury villa for "wealth education"

Where would you take your child to spend a happy and instructive Children's Day? A tourist attraction, amusement park, or museum? Some parents in Guangdong chose to take them for "wealth education" instead.

More than 300 parents brought their children to a 4-million-yuan luxury villa in Qingyuan, South China's Guangdong province, in the weekend before Children's Day. The purpose of the trip was to inspire their children to become rich and successful in the future, reported China Youth Daily on Sunday.

A businessman surnamed Zhang told this reporter that how big a fortune a man builds up reflects the value he or she made to society to some degree, and he wanted to let his child know the importance of wealth at an early age.

However, this kind of wealth education was heavily criticized by some. A netizen said: "To instill the worship of money into children's minds is dangerous. It may lead to crazed vying for money in their minds."

In another mother's celebration of children's day, a single mom seeks a surrogate "dad" for her daughter, in our next story.

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