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'Panda' proposes to boyfriend

( Updated: 2015-02-16 11:11

'Panda' proposes to boyfriend

Lottery tickets. [File photo]

Good deed brings good return

People say good deeds eventually bring good returns. A Taiwan man won a lottery worth NT$one million (about $31,770) after he treated a beggar to dinner, central news agency reported on Sunday.

When the 25-year old man came to the lottery store on Feb 5, wondering what number he should pick, an old lady showed up and said to him that she was hungry, the lottery shop's owner Huang Junzhang recalled.

The man took the old lady to the noodles shop next door, and when he came back to buy a 1,000 new Taiwan dollar ($31) lottery, he met his luck.

Find out to what distance thieves went to hide their loot in our next story.

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