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'Panda' proposes to boyfriend

( Updated: 2015-02-16 11:11
Ukrainian woman takes man by surprise, thieves steal whole factory in one night, treating beggar to dinner turns into lucky date, temple lays out gold for worshippers - it's all trending across China.

'Panda' proposes to boyfriend

Ukrainian woman Sasha proposes to her Chengdu boyfriend at Dujiangyan, a famous ancient water conservancy project and a tourism site, on Feb 14, 2015. [Photo/chinanews]


Ukrainian 'panda' proposes to Chengdu boyfriend

Ukrainian woman Sasha created a sensation in Dujiangyan, Southwest China's Sichuan province, on Valentine's Day when proposed to her boyfriend dressed as a panda, the West China Metropolis Daily reports.

Sasha, 26, visited the city one year ago and hoped to find Mr Right. On the train back to Chengdu, she met Da Bin and fell in love with the 30-year-old.

Sasha and her friends dressed as giant pandas and danced to the popular Chinese song "Little Apple" when she knelt down and asked for Da Bin's hand in marriage.

Sasha said her boyfriend often calls her "panda," which inspired her idea.

Working in Chengdu for three years, Sasha mainly speaks English and only understands simple Chinese. Since their romance started, she has spent more time learning Chinese, and her boyfriend has taken courses in English.

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