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Trending: Panda refuses to reveal her weight

( Updated: 2014-11-16 11:25

Giant panda breaks scale, unusual leave request, Monkey King eyes Guinness records, images reveal hidden cash, gold.

Trending: Panda refuses to reveal her weight

Giant panda refuses to reveal her weight

A safari park in Southwest China's Yunnan province failed to weigh a giant panda on Thursday as it broke the scale. Si Jia, a female panda born on Aug 12, 2006, was lured by apples on to the scale but it seemed that she didn't want to cooperate. She bit off the wire connecting the scale, resulting in failure of the physical examination at the Yunnan wild animal park in the provincial capital city of Kunming, China News Service reported.

Si Jia is one of the three pandas sent to the park from the conservation and research center for giant pandas in Wolong, Sichuan province, after the devastating May 12 earthquake in 2008.

Early on Tuesday, a panda was observed for the first time eating the thighbone of takin, a Himalayan goat in Shaanxi province.


Panda caught gnawing bone in Shaanxi


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