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Trending: Luxury car proves burden to owner

( Updated: 2014-10-24 14:43

A botched facelift costs a plastic surgeon an arm, a man with two Porsche gets driven crazy, and a Tainjin-Beijing commuter lives the high-speed life.

Plastic surgery leaves singer short of high notes

A Fuzhou doctor specializing in plastic surgery paid 50,000 yuan ($8,200) in compensation to a female bar singer after she complained his surgery on the left side of her face made it difficult for her to sing, Southeast Express reported on Thursday. The woman claimed her vision in the left eye was poor after the surgery, her left cheek felt numb, and she cannot sing high notes.


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Man commutes between cities every day

Trending: Luxury car proves burden to owner

A man named Wu lives in Tianjin but works in Zhongguancun, the IT hub of Beijing. To save on rent and avoid traffic jams and crowded subways, he chooses to commute each day on the inter-city high-speed train.

A round-trip journey between Beijing and Tianjin by high-speed rail costs 109 yuan ($18) and takes about two hours. The expense for a month's commute amounts to 2,600 yuan ($425), compared with around 3,000 yuan ($490) for the monthly rental of a 30-square-meter apartment in Changping district where many Zhongguancun workers live.


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Trending: Luxury car proves burden to owner

Luxury car proves burden to owner

A man named Jiang bought two Porsche earlier this year, but the only place his cars drove him was to a headache, reported

Since he bought the cars, many friends and relatives have borrowed them for wedding ceremonies to highlight the wealth of the newlyweds' family. In fact, Jiang's luxury cars have been used in wedding ceremonies nearly 20 times in just six months.

"I have to wake up at 5 am to decorate the wedding car. Sometimes I am too busy to drive the car myself, and having it driven by others makes me worry. It has become so annoying," said Jiang.


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Lost senior walks 1,000 kilometers in 3 months

Police in Jiangxi province found a senior citizen who walked across provinces while being lost for three months, reported

The police in Fuzhou of East China's Jiangxi province recently found a 64-year-old who reportedly left home in Shandong province to buy rice in July. The elder missed the way, and walked south to Fujian province more than 1,000 kilometers away from Shandong, where he turned around to go back and ended up in Jiangxi where he was finally located.


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