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33rd Harbin summer music festival

( Updated: 2016-07-08 17:13

The 33rd Harbin summer music festival will be held on August 6 and will last for half a month. Holding 6 parts and 48 shows and events, more than 37 countries, regional artists and arts groups will join the music festival.

The opening ceremony will include well-known conductor Yang Muhai playing, "Love of Harbin".

Sarah Brightman, the "Luna queen," Richard Claydeman, the “Piano king," Bayan accordion master Yuri Shishkin, the Spain Madrid Royal Opera House’s production of "Carmen" and the Korea Soul Music Opera’s production of "Turandot" will also come to the music festival. Zubin Mehta,a famous international conductor, will be the conductor of the Harbin symphony orchestra.

Many events, such as "The voice of Harbin" and the "Square dance competition," will also be held during the Music Festival, while book trading fairs and overseas shows will be held within the communities and many concert halls and cinemas will have free open days.

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