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Kill or cure: Vaccines in China

( Updated: 2013-07-05 13:39


Kill or cure: Vaccines in China

Profile: Zhang Wen, female, born in Jingmen city, Hubei province on April 11, 1997

Vaccine: Measles Vaccine, Live

Zhang Wen was once a healthy child who played the drums and was eager to enter art college.

In October 2009, a measles vaccine changed her life. A week after the injection, Zhang began coughing and a runny nose. Later she got back pain and had difficulty going to the toilet Zhang said felt like she was wearing scalding shoes and would rather die. She asked to give up treatment several times.

After years of treatment, Zhang is still weak and can only go to school for a half day. The drum kit is discarded in the basement covered in dust.

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