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  • Slouching towards multilateralism

    2013-09-25 07:58

    The difference between dropping and not dropping bombs on Syria is not just the difference between the merits of war and diplomacy.

  • Let UN take the lead

    2013-09-18 07:49

    UN weapons inspectors said they had "clear and convincing" evidence that the nerve gas sarin had been used against civilians in a suburb of Damascus.

  • Obama and Syria

    2013-09-16 08:43

  • Sincerity key to US and Syria

    2013-09-11 09:59

    The Syria issue took a positive turn as there are sparks of hope that a planned US military strike against the arab country could be averted.

  • Breakthrough on Syria

    2013-09-11 08:13

    The international community have responded positively to a Russian proposal that the Middle East place its chemical weapons under international control.

  • Oh, when will they value the lives of others?

    2013-09-07 08:29

    The US' winner of Nobel Peace Prize will order a fatal strike on Syrian government targets, when US Congress, not the UN Security Council, okays it.

  • Obama lacks legal basis

    2013-09-06 07:05

    The majority of the world's countries support political solutions to the Syria crisis, it is the US' unilateralism and defiance of international law that are really weakening its claims to global leadership.

  • US planned military action against Syria runs grave risks

    2013-09-05 09:31

    The US military action against Syria loomed larger as President Barack Obama secured the key backing of House leaders in his push for military action.

  • Beware of terrorist groups in Syria

    2013-09-04 07:31

    The United States has always, sided with colonial powers or former colonial powers in conflicts with colonies or former colonies.

  • Obama's Syria policy

    2013-09-02 10:11

  • West pushing Syria toward total doom

    2013-09-02 09:46

    Syrians face imminent bombing by Western forces led by the US. They face more deaths and suffering what many believe is a chemical weapon attack.

  • Few support Syria strike

    2013-09-02 09:45

    Global concerns that the United States would launch immediate military action against the Middle East country have been temporarily relieved.

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