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Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson is managing editor for China Daily Europe. He is a veteran journalist who had served Reuters and Bloomberg News for the past four decades. He had extensive reporting experience in Vietnam, Singapore, Paris, London and Hong Kong.

New IDs, from the truly exotic to the plain bizarre

[2016-10-04 17:45]

To a Westerner the English name a Chinese person uses for himself or herself can often trigger a smile or a puzzled look.

Such a capital travel experience

[2016-09-23 07:59]

I'm a little weary of writing about the ongoing saga of Brexit, the now resolved case of Hinkley Point, the protracted death throes of the opposition Labour Party, and the ghastly UKIP crew who have done so much to push Britain into an unnecessary crisis.

Britons tire of Brexit, soccer, talk about the weather – with reason

[2016-09-14 22:54]

It's what we call an Indian summer here in southern Britain – don't ask me why – so Britons have stopped moaning about Brexit and the lacklustre English soccer team.

Xi gives May clear message of understanding

[2016-09-07 17:01]

So finally it's happened. Newly installed UK Prime Minister Theresa May went to the G20 Leaders Summit in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou and met with President Xi Jinping.

Rio Olympics prove, for Britain at least, money can buy success

[2016-08-23 10:54]

The next Olympics in four year’s time will be held in Japan, China’s arch regional rival. Given President Xi’s determination to make China a sporting power, be sure that whatever is needed to be done will be done.

Living with the threat of terrorism isn't a joke

[2016-08-12 07:55]

Over the years, I've managed to survive crises, both professional and personal, by developing the ability to look on the bright side.

Discovering the joys of commuting, 52 years on

[2016-08-05 08:09]

I have, I think, been hugely spoiled. Not so much in terms of material goods, but by having to avoid the deadly commute to the office for much of my working life.

UK decision shows cracks in govt, or does it?

[2016-08-04 08:06]

When new British Prime Minister Theresa May's government surprised everyone by announcing it was reviewing Chinese-backed plans to build a French-designed nuclear power plant in western England.

UK China nuclear decision shows cracks in May's government – or does it?

[2016-08-02 00:11]

When newly-installed UK Prime Minister Theresa May's government surprised everyone, not least China and France, by announcing it was reviewing Chinese-backed plans to build a French-designed nuclear power plant in western England, many assumed it was over fears of too much Chinese involvement in the sensitive area of nuclear energy.

Larry a silver lining found in political gloom

[2016-07-22 07:35]

I'm regarded by my friends and family as something of an optimist, sometimes wearyingly so.

British politics: Like a Shakespearean drama

[2016-07-15 08:07]

Chinese government officials must be watching the train wreck that is currently British politics with a sense of disbelief - how can a thriving economy and a strong international player be reduced to a state of near impotence in two short weeks?

A relationship over 300 years in the making

[2016-07-08 08:09]

Sometimes the best relationships take years to evolve, and in the case of China and Britain, the origins stretch back to the late 18th century. It's been a bumpy ride, and there are things that both sides may regret.

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